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Perfect English has edited my work many times. My editor, Zach, is really friendly and the work he edited is excellent! Zach is really careful about what he is correcting. If there is anything he is uncertain of, he will definitely confirm it with you beforehand in case he changes the meaning of the sentences. Plus, because of his years of experiences of getting along with non-English speakers, he not only is understanding but also aware of the possible mistakes that a foreign student could possibly make. Zach will correct your work carefully and listen to you patiently! Zach是英國人,人真的超好而且改的很細心,而且價錢很合理!! 之前有同學給一位只是在英國唸書待七八年的華人改,一千字就要十磅。Zach人真的又超好只要他不確定意思的句子他一定會再和你確任不會亂改句意!! 再加上他和很多國際學生相處的經驗讓他非常瞭解也很能體諒國際學生可能會有的英文錯誤!!”

 – Yihan, Taiwan

what we do

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Zach private lesson

Check your English for your business’ menu, flyer, poster or sign. Take a pic of it, upload it here and get it back corrected.

Get a detailed check of your English work, eg, a company report, university assignment, website text, manuscript of a book or a television or film script.

Start English lessons with a highly qualified, experienced teacher, who loves everything about teaching. saved me with my university assignments! The suggestions the editor marked on my work made so much sense, and made it read better.
I’m going to keep using them until I graduate. Thank you again!”

 – Antonia, P, Italy

looks are everything so we check out everything

If you have a flyer, poster or sign in English you want to check for mistakes, just take a picture of it, upload it to our site and we’ll correct it and send it back with corrections and suggestions. Settle for nothing less than perfect!

what do you mean?

The best writers have people to check their work. You can be that writer with our Editing & Proofing service. Reports for your job or for your assignments at school must be well-written to get your meaning across to your reader. That reader could be your boss or your professor. Get it edited and proofed by an experienced writer and editor.

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Corrections and suggestions are marked on your work by our editors

coaching you to speak like a perfect pro

Some say students study English in lessons with teachers. We don’t. To us students are players. So players practice English in training sessions. So English players practice English with English coaches. There’s some serious science behind this approach. Here it is, ready, catch…